Blaze Bayley – “The Redemption of William Black” (Infinite Entanglement PT III). [ENG]

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Blaze Bayley – “The Redemption of William Black”.

Blaze Bayley returns to give us something to talk about. This time with the last part of his trilogy “Infinite Entanglement” that tells a science-fiction story about Captain William Black, who does not know if he is human or not, being sent to discover new planets and he can live for a thousand years. From there emerges a series of conceptual songs ranging from the feelings of the character to the details of his missions. The album will be released worldwide on March 2 and in 4 Rock we had the opportunity to listen exclusively to it in its entirety and comment it for you.

The English singer started as a frontman of Wolfsbane and is known worldwide for being the voice of Iron Maiden from 1994 until the end of 1998, recording two studio albums. In the year 2000 he began his solo career under the name of BLAZE, and from 2007 to present he is simply known as Blaze Bayley.

For what we came, the review of what will be the third and final part of this wonderful trilogy that bears the name “The Redemption of William Black” (Infinite Entanglement PT III).

The album opens with “Redeemer”, a song that begins with the last minutes of his predecessor “Endure and Survive” (2017) where we hear a female voice narrating the beginning of the story and the response of William Black himself. We continue with the melody of Chris Appleton’s guitar and a double drums drum presents the unmistakable voice Blaze Bayley, the verses feel as if they spoke directly to us, the choruses with a scream of Redeemer! They are very sticky; the guitar solo is quite fast and well executed to fall into a melody of voice and joint guitar to which the bass is then added to finish with the chorus. More than successful for the start of the work.
Without breathing, the second “Are you here” cut begins quickly with the melodic guitars as protagonists, then they pause for a moment to listen to Blaze’s entrance. It’s a two-and-a-half minute song with a lot of changes well thought out to keep us entertained, excellent guitar solos while the bass and drums work like a stopwatch.
“Immortal One” takes us back to the Bayley of the past with a dark and atmospheric song almost with a touch of thrash metal interspersed with a typical narrative of a conceptual album. In this stage of the album the revolutions are lowered and the melodies are uploaded with “The First True Sign” a part-time theme and always with the voices of Blaze Bayley mixed in various tones to the front.“Human Eyes” is a power ballad that begins with a melancholic acoustic guitar where the former Iron Maiden vocalist sings with much feeling, in the middle of the song the guitar and drums join in the chorus until the end of the theme.


“Prayers of Light” is the single of the disc, begins the voice of Chris Jericho (Fozzy and Superstar of the WWE) and in the choirs Luke Appleton (bassist of Iced Earth). It is a fast and direct song with sticky choirs and guitars in the purest Maiden style of which Blaze himself was a part.We can say that “18 Days” is practically a duet between Bayley and another guest named Liz Owen, as always, the guitars accompany the voice of Blaze from the beginning to the end. A high point of the disc. As the minutes pass we feel that we are listening to a very long song but where there are no bumps or unnecessary parts.  “Already won” contains a chorus where Blaze demands his voice to the maximum, it is possible to emphasize that there are many progressive elements mixed with the classic English heavy metal in this work. We are approaching the end of the Infinite Entanglement trilogy, the last 3 songs to be heard. With “Life goes on” the quality of the compositions continues to rise, in 5 minutes Blaze and company show us a slow theme passing by half time and suddenly a quick guitar battle begins that reminded me of the classics of Tierra Santa, such a great song.
“The Dark side of Black” starts at full speed, double drum, guitar and bass, Blaze sings with great force “our revolution begins inside you” a theme that prepares us to know the end of the adventure of Captain Black and his final redemption. Last song, “Eagle Spirit” where an old man tells us a prophecy and then listen to a constant of the disc, Bayley accompanied by the guitar of Chris Appleton very slowly giving us passage to the fast verses and where the choirs are heard many voices in unison, in the final part we listen to the bass player with a nod to Steve Harris. The theme ends as it started, slowly and with Blaze closing.

Blaze Bayley – Santiago 2016.

In conclusion Blaze Bayley reached with “Infinite Entanglement” and especially with the redemption of William Black the best compositions of recent years. A lot has to do with the musicians who accompany him, Chris Appleton on the guitar (co-producer and co-writer with Blaze), on the drums Martin Mcnee and on the bass Karl Schramm, belonging to the band Absolva, above all Appleton with an outstanding performance throughout the work.In the sound aspect is the best production of their predecessors and where everything was done independently under the seal of Blaze Bayley Recordings. For those of us who have followed Blaze Bayley’s career we know that he has always been a great composer, but above all a tireless metal warrior who sings better every day. The last visit of Chile was in mid-2016 presenting Infinite Entanglement Pt I in Santiago, so we hope to return soon to South America with the complete trilogy under his belt.

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